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The key issues that a congressman may choose to run off of can vary depending on the specific needs and concerns of their constituency, as well as the broader national context. However, here are some common key issues that congressmen often focus on during their campaigns:

1. Economy and Jobs: Addressing unemployment, promoting economic growth, supporting small businesses, advocating for fair trade policies, and working to improve wages and income inequality.

2. Healthcare: Expanding access to affordable healthcare, reducing the cost of prescriptions drugs, improving healthcare infrastructure, and advocating for healthcare reforms that benefit constituents.

3. Education: Supporting quality education for all, increasing access to affordable higher education, improving early childhood education, and advocating for policies that address keeping education about education,. FOR ALL students.

4. Infrastructure: Investing in transportation, broadband internet, energy, and other critical infrastructure projects to improve connectivity, create jobs, and enhance the overall quality of life.

5. Climate Change and Environmental Protection: Addressing climate change through sustainable policies, promoting renewable energy sources, protecting natural resources and our natural gasses, and advocating for environmental regulations- Meaning that not everything needs to be battery operated, we can clean the enviornment with regulating certain pollution's, and educating the public on what those are.

6. Criminal Justice Reform: Working towards fair and equitable criminal justice policies, promoting police reform/refunding and accountability, addressing mass incarceration, and advocating for alternatives to incarceration, such as mandatory treatment programs for those who need them. Follow the constitution, and the law. Criminals should be processed accordingly, Mental Health and Drug Crisis is most often times the cause of homelessness. I want to create a plan as to where we can start spending less of things that do not work, and more on things that we can do together that work.

7. Immigration: Developing comprehensive immigration reform, addressing border security, protecting the rights of immigrants, and finding a balanced approach to immigration policy.

8. Social Issues: Supporting civil rights, advocating for gender equality, protecting LGBTQ+ rights, promoting racial justice, and addressing other social issues that impact constituents.- We will collaboratively create the proper wording, and come to the common ground of how we all can work together on the appropriate issues at hand.

9. National Security: Ensuring the safety and security of the nation, supporting a strong defense, addressing cybersecurity threats, and promoting international diplomacy.

10. Government Transparency and Accountability: Advocating for ethics reforms, campaign finance reform, and working to improve transparency and accountability in government.

It's important for a congressman to have a deep understanding of their constituents' needs and concerns, and to tailor their campaign around the issues that resonate most with the people they aim to represent. Which is why my team and I are going to do just that. 


Let's Build our Comprehensive Plan Together

This is an invitation to bring your plans to the team it does not matter if you are Democrat, Republican, Moderate or Independent. We want to hear from you and work with you. 

We have one year to work together, raise money necessary to succeed, and build proposals, initiative's, and plans so that I truly can take you to Washington DC, with me.

Build with us!
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