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Leif D. Johnson 

Manufacturing Engineer/Business Owner





850 Hollow Road

Greenbank, Washington 98253

Date of Birth: August 20,1968

A Bit About Leif

Leif was born in Rockford Il. Where he attended Southern Illinois University. Leif Obtained his Bachelors in Science degree in Industrial Technology. Leif has been married to wife Tammy for 33 years, together they share 4 wonderful children, and 3 absolutely precious grandchildren. Leif Johnson is a man who is passionate, smart, and caring to all those around him. ​Aside from Leif's day job, he is and independent business owner, and has invented useful tools and onjects which have a legal patoned and ready for the general public. ​Leif, Tammy and their 4 children have utilized their property to grow beautiful and delicious home grown foods. From Spices, to Vegetables and Fruit even Chickens, Pigs, and Chicken Eggs!​Leif Johnson is your everyday hard working American, and can take the average everyday Washingtonion to DC and advocate for the right reasons, which means representing everyone. Leif has been a resident of Whidbey Island for 12 years now and plans to not go anywhere anytime soon.

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